37.5kHz – 30 Day Marine Beacon Specifications

With Over 50+ years of crafting experience of underwater acoustic beacons the DKM502 is the acoustic locating beacons for maritime VDR & other application. DK485/K will assist in location of VDR & S-VDR capsules up to 6096 meters or 2000 ft. depth underwater at sea.

The DK485/K will provide a minimum of 30 days of uninterrupted operation once activated. These beacons have been tested to, and meet, or exceed, all requirements of SAE AS8045.The DK485 beacon is a battery-operated, 303 Stainless steel body, passivated finish underwater acoustic pulse generator that is activated when the water switch is immersed in either fresh or salt water at pressures greater than 7 to 10 PSI.

Physical Characteristics

  • Watertight aluminum case (1.25” dia, 3.86” length (less mount)).
  • Actuation in fresh or salt water 7-10 PSI
  • Capable of operation at depths of up to 20,000 feet (6096m)
  • Detectable at a range of 2000 to 4000 yards (1800 to 3600 meters) based on environmental factors.
  • Sustained pressure up to 8700 psi.
  • Dual water switch actuation initiates beacon operation upon immersion in either fresh or salt water.
  • The battery used to power the DK485/K will sustain beacon operation for a minimum of 30 days at an acoustic output of 160 dB operating frequency is 37.5 kHz.

Beacon Specifications

Operating Frequency:37.5 kHz ± 1 kHz
Operating Depth:Surface to 20,000 feet (6096 meters)
Pulse Length:10 milliseconds ± 10%
Pulse Repetition Rate:1 second ± 10%
Useful Life:6 years
Operating Life:30 days (minimum)
Acoustic Output, Initial:1060 dynes/cm2rms pressure at 1 meter
Acoustic Output, After 30 Days:700 dynes/cm2rms pressure at 1 meter
(157.0 dB)
Operating Temperature:+28°F to +100°F (‐2.2°C to +37.8°C)
Actuation:Fresh or salt water
Radiation Pattern:Rated output over 80 percent of sphere
Size:1.25" diameter x 3.86" long
(3.18 cm diameter 9.80 cm long)
Material:303 Stainless steel, passivated finish
Power Source:Lithium Battery, single cell. Factory or user
Storage Temperature:‐67°F to +185°F (‐55°C to +85°C)