The newest Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) meeting the next generation performance specifications and battery safety requirements.


  • TSO-C126b and TSO-C142a compliant
  • 406MHz distress signal transmission at 5W ±2dB for 24h
  • 121.5MHz and/or 243MHz homing signal transmission at 50-100mW for 50hrs (minimum)
  • 5 year battery life
  • Independent GNSS receiver built-in
  • Compliant with upcoming lithium battery safety requirements

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 Dukane ELTTypical ELT
Internal GNSSSome
MEMS based automatic activationVery Few
3-axis motion sensingVery Few
Aluminum housingVery Few
Solid aircraft mountSome
Thermal runaway containmentNone Known
Fire shielded cableNone Known
Military grade connectorsVery Few
406Mhz distress signal with locationMost
121/243Mhz homing signalMost
Next gen readyNone Known