With over 100,000 in-service units in the aviation market segment, Dukane Seacom is the unmatched market leader in underwater locator beacons for the aviation market segment. Dukane Seacom ULBs are the industry standard and are installed on every commercial air transport, regional and business aviation aircraft flying modern flight and data recorders. Dukane Seacom ULBs are also standard equipment on military fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft flying voice and data recorders. Dukane Seacom beacons are standard equipment for every major aviation and military black box manufacturer.

The DK120/90 was the first ULB certified to the new 90-day operating life requirement. This beacon provides a minimum of 90 day underwater operating life and is certified to TSO-C121b & TSO-C142a and ESO ETSO-C121b & ETSO-C142a.

Dukane Seacom also manufacturers the low frequency, airframe mounted DK180 series beacon. The Dukane-Seacom DK180 is designed and qualified to meet the newly developed standards FAA TSO-C200 / ETSO-C200 dated 6/26/2012 as per SAE–AS6254 & ARINC 667.

For applications not requiring compliance to the 90 day operating requirement, the DK120 and DK140 (short) are still available. The design conforms to all of the environmental requirements and is guaranteed to operate for 30 days, but they are no longer certified under TSO-C121.

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