As an original equipment manufacturer, Dukane Seacom has the certified operators, technicians and authorized inspection system to ensure that Dukane Seacom’s products are maintained in accordance with product specifications and FAA/EASA requirements and regulations.

Dukane Seacom’s authorized repair station is Radiant Seacom Repairs (located on site with Radiant Power Corporation), giving operators the confidence that proper maintence and testing was performed to ensure equipment operation to all specifications.

FAA Approved Repair Stations No. W9PR345Y
EASA Approved Repair Stations No. 145-5491

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Dukane-Seacom Part NumberTechnical Manual
03-TM-0037 Underwater
Acoustic Beacon
DK100, DK120, DK130, DK140
Rev. A - April 25, 2016
03-TM-0063 Underwater Acoustic BeaconDK120/90
Rev. D – Mar 21 2016
03-TM-0060 Ultrasonic Test Set 42A12/1
Rev. A – Nov 23 2015
03-TM-0045 Ultrasonic Test SetTS200
Rev. A – Nov 23 2015
03-TM-0036 Underwater Acoustic BeaconDK100/90
Rev. A - April 25, 2016
03-TM-0059 Underwater Acoustic BeaconDKM120/DKM480
Rev. A – May 4 2016
03-TM-0044 Underwater Acoustic BeaconDK485(/K)
Rev. A – Nov 23 2015
03-TM-0050 Precision SourceCT200
Rev. B – May 23 2017
03-TM-0056 Ultrasonic Acoustic BeaconDK350
Rev. A – Nov 23 2015

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