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Dukane Seacom is the market leader in underwater locator beacons.
For over 50 years Dukane Seacom has provided high impact, water activated beacons (8KHz to 45KHz frequency range), underwater locating receivers and towed hydrophone systems to the Commercial Aircraft, Military, and marine/offshore markets.

Today, acoustic beacons are used in various applications ….

  • Aviation CVR/FDR
  • Marine VDR/ S-VDR
  • Helicopter operators
  • Offshore oil industries
  • NASA
  • Military
  • Cargo Containers
  • Other applications

Known for their extremely reliable operation all Dukane Seacom underwater location products are designed, manufactured and tested to stringent and exacting specifications. On many occasions, Dukane Seacom underwater locator beacons were instrumental in the successful recovery of aircraft and marine black boxes.

ULB devices must reliably function in extreme environments.  Each Dukane Seacom beacon is rigorously tested at our Sarasota, Florida manufacturing facility in our underwater dynamics laboratory.  Each device’s output is profiled to make sure it is compliant with all industry specifications.  Dukane Seacom ULBs have aided in the recovery of multiple aircraft and marine incidents.

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Beacon Test Tanks at Dukane Seacom, Sarasota FL.

Beacon Test TanksBuildingFront-DukaneSeacom-SmallDukane Seacom above Test Tanks